The Diigo Challenge

I joined Diigo last week. I was looking for a way to store information in a digital way. Previously, I had been writing down interesting sites and information to share with others or use at a later date. Then Sheri recommended Diigo.

I had heard a bit about it before then but had never tried it. So far I am loving it. It is great to save information as I am reading and be able to access it wherever I have an internet connection. As I don’t have my own classroom it will be a great way to access information to use with all of my students or when I am making recommendations to other teachers.

With this week’s challenge I have learned a bit more about the social side of Diigo. I joined four groups (eb challenge, Classroom 2.0, Interactive whiteboards in the classroom and teacher-librarians) and will see how that goes for me.

When school starts once again ( I can wait for that!), I will look into upgrading to the educator version. I think Diigo would be helpful when I am working on inquiry projects with kids.

A potential hurdle for me will be incorporating Diigo into my routine. For my PLN I use Twitter, Tweetdeck and Google Reader and check in with Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family.

Making time is a challenge for everyone. I will have to make more of an effort to practice the 15 minute rule and allow myself to let things go.

4 thoughts on “The Diigo Challenge

  1. Good start using Diigo. You’ll find that you can save and discover a lot of great resources. The groups you’ve joined are good ones, too! I have joined “Diigo in Education” and “Educators”. I get email updates every day and find good information to keep and share.

    This year I plan to incorporate Diigo with my junior high students so they can have a place to save important websites, especially during Science Fair.


    • Thanks Theresa,

      I will check out the two groups that you mentioned. How many groups are you involved with? Do you think there can be too many?


  2. Hello! Just wanted to let you know I introduced my students in grade 6 to Diigo! Wow, were they impressed. We’ve been researching topics and taking key word/phrase notes on paper. When the kids saw they could highlight their words on websites and have them ready for review and summarization on Diigo, they took off to their own topic sites and began researching online. I’ll check back again and see how your kids are doing with it. I was just checking my blog reader, and your post reminded me to get my kids going on Diigo again.

    • Hi Sheri! Unfortunately it is just me using Diigo at this time. I am trying to get some teachers introduced to it but am having a hard time. My limited time in the library gets gobbled up quickly but I will keep trying! Good luck with your students. I felt like they did when I started highlighting and saving information.

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