Time to get back to it!

Add some internet connection trouble with a trip to the Rocky Mountains and what do you get? Someone who is very far behind in her blogging!

It is time to get back to work.

I left off with Challenge number 5. Time for number 6. Here goes.

I have had an iGoogle page for awhile now but have never thought of using it as an information hub for my professional learning. My page has the usual gadgets for the weather and news feeds as well as art of the day, vegetarian cooking and children’s book of the day. I also love having my Google Reader right there to scan every time I open Safari.

I just added the Twitter gadget. I think that will help to remind me to read Twitter each day and also just to quickly check in with what is going on.

I also use Flipboard on my ipad in this way. I like being able to quickly glance at what is new and read it or mark it to read for later. It just makes things easier. I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I scan what’s new and usually pick up an idea, a book to read (for myself, my daughters or a student) or a blog to follow.

How did I ever live without all of this great stuff?

2 thoughts on “Time to get back to it!

  1. Hi Karen

    I hope it works for you as a hub, I think one of the advantages of the multple tabs/pages is that if you want to you can separate the personal from the professional.


    • Hi Jo,

      I think in the future I might need separate pages as my PLN grows. It is a good idea to have the personal and professional separate for many different reasons. Thanks for visiting!


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