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When I subscribed to Google reader and started following blogs in November of this year, I hadn’t even heard of a PLN. What I soon discovered was how much I enjoyed following blogs.

The fist blog I subscribed to was French Word a Day by Kristin Espinasse. I loved her idea of building a story or a reflection around a new word or expression and it helped me to use my French in a different way. From this starting point I added many others and am still building. Just finding something you are interested in is a good place to start.

The best tip I have is to take it slowly. Get right in the dirt and plant the seed but give it the time and care that it needs to grow naturally.

2 thoughts on “Using blogs…

  1. I used to follow that blog too! I first started blogging after moving to France and it connected me with a great group of expats living in Paris. Eventually, with two small children, it became too much to maintain a blog and I had made enough real life connections that it felt like too much trouble to maintain a blog. Now I guess I feel isolated in my work position and since starting the PLN challenge and finding new blogs it is once again filling a gap in my life! I love your point about taking it slow and I need to be reminded of that regularly so thank you!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Sarah,

      I think I even reminded myself about taking it slow while I was writing and reflecting.

      I know what you mean about having kids and not feeling like you have enough time to maintain things. My kids are both in school now and although I feel like there is a bit more time it usually comes late at night. Right now during summer vacation it is much easier!

      Funny how connections just seem to happen naturally. I also feel less isolated through blogging and building my PLN.


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