Catching up with Twitter

Today is the day. I am catching up with challenge #3. Thanks Kathleen for the post about Twitter. I am now following more people and have made some changes to my account. I always struggle with what to say about myself in the profile space. Should the information be about me personally, professionally or a combination of both? What is it I want people to know? I gave it a try and know it will be a work in progress.

Reading Twitter on a daily basis is not something I have done yet. I think it is good advice to make it a priority for the next month to figure out how to comment and better use it as a learning tool. Let’s see how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Catching up with Twitter

  1. Most of us struggle with what to say. My approach is I do include some small talk and occasionally some weird (funny) tweets (although not sure I have done many of them for a long time). I try to focus on it being small talk but nothing I wouldn’t say in a crowded room.

    I’d also worry less about what people want to know. You can get too worried about this and it will stifle you. I’d recommend starting by engaging in conversations using @replies with people. Get used to having chats and you’ll start to feel more comfortable. For example, you could start by sending @replies to people like myself, @ronnieburt, @tasteach, @kathleen_morris to ask questions about things you are stuck on with blogging, building your PLN etc. We’ll always reply back once we come online and sending us @replies makes it easier for us to realise you need help.

    Hope these tips have helped you?

  2. Hi,
    and today I am trying to catch up on reading what fellow participants from the PLN Challenge has been writing. I think I will also try to figure out how I most effectivly use Twitter and my blog.
    Best regards

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